Movement with Meaning

Is there any way other than “fully” to approach dance? I doubt it. Intellect, intuition, interpretation, iteration. Feedback from the floor, the sensing of the energy field, the awareness of energy coursing through channels in the body. Weight, release, spontaneous alignment. Strengthening, midline, recognizing an ease, natural opposition, drive. Grounding, lift, extension, epaulement, expression. The stride, the brush, the turn, the jump, the kick.

Welcome to summer season 2024!

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Winter is a great time to move! Join our welcoming and dedicated students.

We offer:

  • weekly jazz dance classes for adults
  • choreography workshops, which everyone loves!
  • 1:1 movement instruction
  • side-coaching for teachers, directors, and new choreographers

Wednesday 10:30-11:45 am
Summer Series July 10-August 14
Advanced Beginner/Mixed
$22 ($20 with class card – Click here to purchase Class Card)

For adults and teens with some previous dance training in any form and some experience picking up choreography. Slow-ish pace.

Saturday 9:30-11 am
Returns September 14
Intermediate Mixed
$25 ($22 with class card – Click here to purchase Class Card)

For adults and teens with previous dance training and experience picking up and independently retaining choreography.

This is the place. Come back to class after an absence, try jazz as an enhancement to your ballet or ballroom training, sophisticate your performance for the theatre stage, or just dig the alignment, strengthening, and center-floor combinations designed especially for the people in the room. I’ve got a good eye and will meet you where you’re at to help you grow!

Workshops and Master Classes

Watch announcements here OR contact us to arrange a master class for your own studio or program.

1:1 Movement Instruction
Private Session by arrangement.
(limited) 45 minutes $75

A personalized guidance session that allows deep investigation into how your body can move at its best. Learn how alignment, relaxation, strength, and dynamics can help you get more from exercises you are already doing or build from the ground up. Athletes welcome.
Email to schedule.

Side coaching for dance teachers, directors, and new choreographers
By arrangement and designed for you. Email to discuss schedule and pricing.

One of my favorite ways to work. There is magic in the work you’re already making. Let me help you to notice opportunities to improve the performance on stage and develop your own capacity to see. We’ll work in a fast, straight-shooting way (better for you!) with BIG LUV. I will communicate with you; you will communicate with your performers. They don’t even have to know I’m there.

About our Jazz Dance Classes for Adults:

Each class we teach offers a full experience to nurture the body, mind, and complete being. You will always find

  • a great, meaningful warmup. It’s not the same at every class, but once you’ve been to a few classes you’ll recognize the vocabulary of our work.
  • guidance in developing solid, sustainable dance technique
  • center and cross-floor work to get you gliding, strutting, turning, jumping …
  • groovy (possibly swanky!) combinations in varied styles each class
  • a new connection with your body and movement
  • confidence, sophistication, and sass

Perhaps you

  • grew up in dance school and find you miss it
  • tried all the classes at the gym and just aren’t jazzed
  • danced in show after show but never mastered technique
  • learned the “competition style” of dance and want to sophisticate your movement
  • are an actor or singer and want to become stronger and better able to communicate with greater honesty
  • are a dancer from another discipline who wants a good class

Hi. I’m Maureen Pagano.

My secret sauce? – watching you move and helping you find sweet spots that unlock both freedom and stability. Originally trained in Luigi and Forella jazz techniques and styles, I still love them both. Along the way I’ve integrated influences from other “body modalities” and developed my own sensibility and feel. In my classes and shows the dancer feedback is about increased confidence and skill. “I felt I belonged at the dance audition this time.” My choreography capitalizes on resources (that’s you!) at hand and lets people dance better than they think they can. “How did you get that work out of the chorus?!” In love with my students. In love with dance. At my class you will be, too.

Classically influenced jazz with a leggy edge and musical theater flavor.

(No hip hop here. 😉)