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Joining Project Confidante’s monthly Reflection Lab was the best decision! Prior to the session, I was feeling a bit lost, and Maureen’s guided meditation and activities helped me reset my state of mind, leaving me with a lot more clarity and motivation in my personal and professional development. While I got the relaxing yet energizing experience I was hoping for, I left with a refreshed spirit, ready to tackle my goals. Maureen is a wonderful coach and has helped me take my professional vision to the next level. January’s Reflection Lab helped me kick start 2022 with a fresh state of mind, that “aha!” feeling, and the desire to work on myself. The conversation and activities were therapeutic, and I would recommend Project Confidante to anyone looking to reach their full potential. I can’t wait for next month’s lab!


Social Media Specialist,

“Whenever I join one of Maureen’s labs, I never know quite where the night will lead—from short meditations to creative visualizations. I love the mix of play and reflection each lab offers as Maureen subtlety guides us to go inward, explore next steps, and examine big picture goals.”

Carlene Olsen
Writer, Editor,

I have worked with Maureen on art/science projects and consult with her often. Her wide range of experiences and diverse contacts always lead to engaging conversations and new ideas. She is my “go to” person for brainstorming. I can’t recommend anyone more highly than her for project design and execution.

Sam Bowser
Research Scientist, Health Research, Inc.

I began working with Maureen two years ago. It was a time that I felt a lot of overwhelm. My circumstances had me feeling stuck. Maureen is an incredible listener and her life experience allows her the capacity to be a great facilitator in that she listens for keywords and will circle back to them within her process. Her process is unique and gives you the space to find your own answers. Within the weeks that I worked with her I was able to declutter my mind, focus on what was working and eliminate things that were not working for me. Two years later I am in a completely different space. Interestingly it is what I identified two years ago as where I wanted to be. Maureen has a unique format for goalsetting and gives you the space to do it in a path that works for you. She is supportive, professional and compassionate. I look forward to working with her again to work out a new roadmap for my next few years!

Maureen is a rare gem of a person. Her impeccable listening supported by business savvy helps your design your life, dreams, and passions. I’ve worked with her 2 separate times in my life; each time with a different focus.
Both times extraordinary. Highly recommended.


Kathryn Ward Hefter
True North Pilates

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