“I’m just sick of my clothes.” “I don’t even want to go.”

You’ve said this, right? Not only have we endured shutdown and identity confusion, but we face a retail industry that’s leaving us with fashion-UN-inspo. Athleisure is perhaps the exception, but face it … whether suits or shorts … We Can Do Better.

Let’s get into it.
We’re not talking about how to add a scarf and find your flair. This is a hands-on session you’ll leave with a point of view you didn’t expect. JOIN US!!!

What you’ll learn:

  • In a nutshell, my image-wardrobe philosophy and process. I call it imageUP.
  • The real reason you feel you have Nothing to Wear. (It’s not your fault!)
  • A super simple organization system
  • What you need, what you have, what to buy
  • A shopping strategy that will make sense, save you $, and make shopping fun

What you’ll do:

  • Meet us right in the room with your closet – we’ll support one another.
  • (We’ll meet via zoom.)
  • Work with a wardrobe-planning tool you already have. (I’ll instruct you to bring it once you sign up. 😉 )
  • Identify your current imageUP goal. I’ll help.
  • Respond to some prompts and experiments I prompt you to. Try some things on. You’ll probably discover some goodies.
  • Identify your next imageUP strategy steps.

ImageUP Pop-Up Wardrobe Lesson