Project strategy coaching and consulting.

For adventurous individuals with an intense need to follow your restlessness to what’s next.  You may already have experience with personal and professional development.  You know your values.  You know something about how to dream and have goal setting 101 under your belt.  I’ll help you name your next quest and name the advanced-level strengths you’ll use to test your hunches and find your flow.  Ready to do it your way?  Let’s have a conversation.

For teams and small organizations who are ready to tackle the thing they don’t have the resources to do.  You have more than you think!  I’ll help you see what’s already here, engage your players, and leverage it all to move your initiative forward.  You’ll finish with new status on the project and lots of new information.  Let’s talk about your challenges and your vision.

Maureen Pagano

I started as a dance teacher and choreographer, looking closely at people as they moved.  I had a knack for seeing their strengths and leveraging them to help dancers and non-dancers alike improve their work and look their best.  As I moved through later chapters in solo biz, sales, beauty and fashion, not-for-profits, arts, and inquiry models, I recognized this as a constant.   Getting things to move.  Looking. Connecting.  Iterating.  Integrating.  Moving work forward.  I learned I had a sweet spot in new or expanding initiatives, and I seemed a natural at getting people to do (sometimes crazy!) things and feel great about it.

Practical dreamers came to me.  In my kitchen, in their offices, in studios, on stages, in hallways or coffee shops we’d zone in on their precious dreams and craggy mountains.  At times we’d start from scratch.  Sometimes I’d share tips.  Always we’d find a way.  I loved it.  And the beat goes on.

I’ve been lucky.  In my diverse lifetimes I’ve been trained by and worked with some of the best in class.  I’ve learned how to see.  Now let’s get you moving.