Starts Thursday, October 26, 2023
Limited to 10 participants

What is 21-Day Project Group?

21-Day Project Group is a pacesetter and a community. For 21 days you will have a group to support you in “getting around to” finishing one thing, and you’ll support them as well. Like a mini-mastermind, but fun. 😉 Sense of humor and open mind required. You’ll find your ingenuity as we go.

21 Day PG is for you!

  • You aren’t getting around to something, and it’s starting to get in the way of the change. It’s bugging you.
  • You look forward to heading into holiday season with this thing done.
  • You like to share what you know, cheer people along, and receive encouragement from others.
  • You can join calls at 7-8:15 pm eastern. Thursdays, October 26, November 2, 9, 16.

You will get:

  • A weekly zoom call at 7 pm eastern to kick off your week, strategize, and celebrate wins
  • Guidance in how to choose your 21-Day Project and identify minor and major components to move you forward.
  • A weekly prompter-tracker to keep your head in the game and track your self-score
  • Access to our group channel on Slack
  • A complimentary Reflection Lab pass
  • Motivation, coaching, and collegiality from me – a super bargain
  • Breezy, fun competition – who will gain the most points?

How it works:

  1. Sign up for 21-Day Project Group here.
  2. We’ll connect on zoom weekly, 7 PM Eastern Time for game plan huddle.
  3. You’ll use our flexible, fun 21_day PG Tracker to prompt and document your activity, and award yourself POINTS. You score yourself.
  4. You’ll Do the Thing!

At the first zoom Group Meet:

  • Meet the MP Group! Cameras ON! PJs optional.
  • Identify your Project and what will change when you Do the Thing.
  • Identify they dynamics that challenge you right now.
  • Learn how to work with our flexible, fun MPG tracker.
  • Learn to use the 21/5 strategy tool.

At interim Group Meets:

  • Share challenges and fun finds.
  • Receive next coaching and tracker.

At the 21-Day Project Group Wrap Meet:

  • Report on and celebrate our wins.
  • Share our “what’s next” visions.

Between sessions:

  • Keep in touch via 21-DG slack channel
  • Use creativity, current knowledge, and experience to keep each other on track

Sign up for 21 Day Project Group

Once you click “Submit”, you will be redirected to the payment page.

(If you have already filled out the registration form in the past, no need to fill it out again.
Just click here to go to the checkout page.)

So join us! Do the Thing.

Participants have tackled some cool projects like:

  • set up a home office
  • volunteer project
  • prep to sell a house
  • personal fun research
  • creative art making
  • cultivating positive attitude
  • time management/organization
  • professional initiative at work
  • plan an event